Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Life As We Knew It

Author: Susan Beth Pfeffer

Publisher: Harcourt Books

Summary: The moon is knocked closer to the Earth by an impossibly dense asteroid. Now, the world is suddenly changing. Tsunamis and Volcanic eruptions and below zero temps are blasting all around the world. Miranda writes about what she sees in her diary; she writes about rationing food, empty roads, looting, despair and about how her family holds together even when they sometimes lose all hope.

Review: Every time that I put down this book, (potty breaks and hunger kept me from reading it in one sitting) I would freak out and think about how much food was left in my pantry or about how scary it was that it was still snowing here in March. I think that any world crisis would cause some panic. The economic crisis did touch everyone after all and the thought of global warming gives me shivers! I really liked the way the author presented Miranda's diary of her life during such a difficult time. The story was extremely thought-provoking since it is hard to imagine the U.S without its normal luxeries. Some of the story was too repetitive or just too detailed for me to care and it was actually a pretty long book considering what I expected. I would like you to read it if only for the situation it represents through a teenager's eyes.
Rating: 4/5

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