Saturday, April 26, 2014

Friday Book Blogger Hop

Hello all! The Friday Book Blogger hop is a weekly meme started at Jennifer's Crazy for Books blog and now hosted by Billy at Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer. Each week, we answer questions that have been submitted by different bloggers.
Book Blogger Hop
The question this week was asked by Elizabeth from Silver's Reviews:

4/25 Prompt: Do you answer the Book Blogger Hop questions in advance and have them scheduled or do you write your post the night before or the day of the Book Blogger Hop?

I tend to write my answers the day of the Book Blogger Hop. I like having a list of questions that will be asked beforehand, but I tend to participate when I remember to. I might try scheduling for next week and maybe that will make me a more frequent participant. My reviews are a little different. 

As soon as I start a book I intend to review, I draft up a post with all the pertinent information like author, summary, goodreads link and cover photo. I find that sometimes formatting takes me more time than writing my actual thoughts on the book down. I then leave room to add in my review once I am done. I usually post the same day I review a book.

Thanks for stopping by and click on the links above to view other answers!

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