Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Info: This is a Japanese T.V. show currently airing. Its about two teens trying to solve mysteries. The two main characters are Touma and Kana. They are both seventeen even though Touma is an MIT graduate because he is a very introverted genius. Kana is Captain of the Kendo club and very extroverted. She's the one that drags Touma around to all those murder scenes. Its based on the manga by Kato Motohiro.


Kana played by Takahashi Ai
Touma played by Nakamura Aoi

Review?: These are just my thoughts on the drama. I actually really like it beacause I really like mystery. Kana is a really sweet energetic girl and her dad is a detective. Touma is super intelligent, but he's still very nice to Kana. Maybe it'll turn into a romance by the end of it! It's a really cute show and the mysteries are actually pretty interesting.

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