Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Artist: Jack's Mannequin

Yup it's a song. It's the first one I ever heard by this band and now I'm really into their music. Hope you guys enjoy it. And yes, I'm just trying to appease you because I haven't read anything in over two weeks. Sorry? I'll be getting some stuff soon. Don't hate. :)

Oh and don't miss Wdebo's contest. She's got FIVE arc copies of Twenty Boy Summer which you totally want so go over there and enter. She just asks a pretty easy question. YEY! A song and a contest...


  1. I have to say i LOVE Jack's Mannequin! La La Lie is my favorite song by them. By the way, you won the contest on my blog! I'll be sending you an email soon!

  2. Yeah, I haven't heard that one. I just discovered them. Hard to believe, huh!

  3. I LOVE Jack's Mannequin!

    The first songs I heard by them were Dark Blue and Bruised.

    They also happen to be my favorite(:

    Nice blog by the way!


  4. I'll listen to them. I know a total of 3 songs by them, and I want to know more! Yey for them!


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