Friday, July 24, 2009

Absolute Boyfriend (Drama)

Main Actors:

Mizushima Hiro- Asamoto Soshi (so cute!!! He was also in Hana Kimi Japan Version. Love him!)

Hayami Mokomichi- Tenjo Night

Aibu Saki- Izawa Riiko

Japanese Title: Zettai Kareshi

Summary: Riiko didn't know what she was getting into when she called the number of the man who promised to find her perfect match. It certainly didn't cross her mind that she would be getting a robot programmed to do whatever she wanted and give her the perfect love. When Riiko tried to return Tenjo, she is told that she'll need to pay up anyways. Tenjo loves Riiko like he's programmed to, but then he starts breaking away from the script while Riiko's "boss", Soshi, starts spending more time with Riiko and maybe feeling something more than just a boss-employee relationship.

Number of Episodes: 11

Review: Please watch it if you get the chance. It's nice and short, but super funny and cute. I love Riiko because she's totally real and then there is Soshi who's such a flirt. Tenjo doesn't lack robotness, but he's just so nice and NICE that it just makes me feel for him. T.T He loves Riiko so much, but she can only see him as an electric appliance! Oh well, it rocks so go look it up.

Rating: 5/5

More: Read the manga Absolute Boyfriend by Watase Yuu here! :D



  1. I loved this drama and I've been a big fan of Hiro since I saw him in HanaKimi.

  2. Yey! He is so now one of my favorite actors! :D


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