Friday, February 12, 2010

Skip Beat (Anime)

Number of Episodes: 25

Summary: A timid girl goes with her boyfriend to Tokyo in order to give him support as he tries to reach his dream of becoming a super famous Japanese idol. Later she finds out that he's only been using her as a stepping stone and really doesn't care for her. She vows to take revenge on him by becoming a bigger star. She joins his agency's rival agency and strikes up a love-hate relationship with her mentor. Her mentor is her ex's most hated person. She's forced to join the "Love Me" Department which is supposed to help her develop good communication skills. It is based on a manga which goes way past the anime. I'm hoping for a season 2.

Review: It is romantic like, but HILARIOUS! I laughed a lot throughout the episodes because the main character is just awesome and really bi-polar. Her mentor is such a cool and collected person, but near the end he develops emotions. I would really recommend this to anyone that liked Lovely Complex or Perfect Girl Evolution. I enjoyed both and this one. The drawings were lovely and her ex is a childish and selfish player. Her makeover bothered me at first, but then I thought it rocked.

Rating: 1 2 3 4 5


  1. I really need to finish watching Skip Beat! It's been a few months since I last watched it, but if I remember correctly I'm on episode 20. :/

  2. Haha! You should finish it! It actually took me like one week for this one because I was completely addicted. :)


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