Thursday, May 13, 2010

Waking Up In The Land Of Glitter

Author: Kathy Cano-Murillo

Summary: When Star goes a little crazy and ruins her "it's complicated" relationship with her boyfriend by spray painting over the mural he painted on La Pachanga's wall, she has to find a way to prove herself worthy of her family.

La Pachanga is their family business, but Star's lack of commitment is causing them all stress and she is forced to make a decision. Either she uses up all those 350 pounds of glitter she accidentally bought in an Art Show centerpiece thing or she'll have to move out and go "find herself" in some other place. Star dislikes crafting because she doesn't view it as true art, but this project will require some serious crafting skills.

She ends up working with her craft-obsessed friend, Ofie, and Crafty Chloe. Chloe is the queen of crafting in Phoenix and she is strongly disliked by Star. Chloe's life isn't as simple as it may seem and for all her success, she doesn't feel so good about how she's achieved it. Ofie's marriage could fall apart if she doesn't get her act together and start being a mother. This art show project will help them through the obstacles they face and allow them to make friends they never thought they would have.

Review: Definately creative and the characters were original. Or at least original to me. This is my first artish crafty novel. I liked it fairly well, but I think it would appeal more to adult book lovers. It was cute and actiony.

The pacing wasn't too fast or too slow. And I liked how it ended immensely. The climax was a little dramatic, but with the cast of characters, how could it not be? Ofie's obsession was kinda scary though. :)

I think that if you like glitter, Arizona, art and a little friendship and guy drama then this book might very well be a great fit. Enjoy it like I did! :)

Have a very nice day! Oh, did you like my summary? :D

Rating: 1 2 3 3.5 4 5

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