Thursday, October 28, 2010

Follow That Mouse

Author: Henry Melton

Summary: Dot Comal loved her home, although the Utah ranching community of Ranch Exit was too small to call a 'town'. She had her horse, Pokey, and her father to care for, and Ned from the next ranch over was comfortable to be around when he showed up on his motorcycle. But things were changing. The animals, and even her father, were showing signs of a growing irrational rage. Only Watson Winekia, the old Paiute shaman, claimed any knowledge of what was happening, but he was too old and he expected Dot to heal the valley. She was at a loss, until a strange mouse led her to bigger secrets than she'd ever imagined, hidden below her feet. She had to wield mysteries hidden for decades, quickly, before her home town and everything she loved was wiped off the map!

Review: It was a science-fiction novel that I was reluctant to try out at first since I'm not too much into sci-fi, but I was surprised.

The plot was very unique and mind-boggling. This is kind of refreshing since there are so many mainstream books being pumped out right out that just regurgitate storylines. Although it is sci-fi, it didn't feel extremely fantastical or out there because it had a realistic set up. Dot's world didn't change overnight, but there were signs and clues which foreshadowed a bigger-than-her conflict.

I really liked the characters becuase I felt that they weren't stereotypical. Dot isn't some amazing superhero with unknown powers who is arrogant about her abilities. She works together with Ned Kelso and Carl to fix Ranch Exit's problems.

The conflict starts out seeming supernatural, but then it is rationally explained making it believable. The human mind is toyed with throughout the story and there is plenty of confusion in the characters about the truth and what they are being forced to believe.

Although the plot was great, the characters were unique and likable, and the writing was engaging from the very first page, there were a few rough spots. The "magic" being worked in the valley causes amnesia in the main characters several times and then they regain their memories. It is part of the plot, but it can get very hard to follow the story. Breaks could be easily missed, confusing the reader and the organization lacked a little something. As long as you pay attention and read it without putting it down long periods of time, it should be fairly easy to enjoy the book.

I would recommend it to Sci-Fi fans as well as those who love down-to-earth characters.

Rating: 1 2 3 3.5 4 5

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