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Haunting Violet Blog Tour!!

Author: Alyxandra Harvey

Summary: (goodreads) Violet Willoughby doesn't believe in ghosts. But they believe in her. After spending years participating in her mother's elaborate ruse as a fraudulent medium, Violet is about as skeptical as they come in all matters supernatural. Now that she is being visited by a very persistent ghost, one who suffered a violent death, Violet can no longer ignore her unique ability. She must figure out what this ghost is trying to communicate, and quickly because the killer is still on the loose.

Afraid of ruining her chance to escape her mother's scheming through an advantageous marriage, Violet must keep her ability secret. The only person who can help her is Colin, a friend she's known since childhood, and whom she has grown to love. He understands the true Violet, but helping her on this path means they might never be together. Can Violet find a way to help this ghost without ruining her own chance at a future free of lies?

From: Publisher

Review: Haunting Violet is an excellent read for those who enjoy ghost stories and tales of the London seasons. I'm sure some of you know by now that I am not a huge fan of scary stories, so I was wary that this book would really haunt me later. And in a way it has since I really like it and would re-read it.

The premise of this story is a little bit different from what the usual ghost story entails. In Haunting Violet, the main character doesn't believe in ghosts not because she has never seen one, but because her mother's occupation as a fake spiritualist has erased Violet's faith in the supernatural. When Violet does end up meeting a ghost, she is shocked just the right amount. Harvey's writing made it possible for me, as the reader, to believe Violet's story.

Another interesting detail is that Violet may associate with high society, so we do hear about balls and debutantes and the exquisite food. But that she herself isn't part of the Peerage is wonderful because I got to understand a little bit of how non-peers were treated. Haunting Violet has a cast of many different characters in different rungs of the societal ladder and this variety made for a more complete story.

Violet's thoughts are well explained by Harvey as to how she grows up in love and in her reactions to the people around her. She realistically thinks through her situations and isn't naive, although sometimes rash. Overall, she was a strong character and offered a different perspective for this ghost story.

And of course, the mystery. I love mysteries and I certainly loved how this one worked out although it was a tiny bit obvious a while into the story. Haunting Violet is an amazing paranormal read that had me not wanting to come back to the real world for a long time.

Rating: 1 2 3 4 5

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