Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday 32: The Wicked and the Just

Waiting on Wednesday is brought to you by Jill from BreakingTheSpine. This weekly meme highlights the books we are awaiting the publication of. Here is what I am waiting for this week:

Title: The Wicked and the Just

Author: J. Anderson Coats

Publication Date: April 17th, 2012

Summary: (goodreads) Cecily’s father has ruined her life. He’s moving them to occupied Wales, where the king needs good strong Englishmen to keep down the vicious Welshmen. At least Cecily will finally be the lady of the house.

Gwenhwyfar knows all about that house. Once she dreamed of being the lady there herself, until the English destroyed the lives of everyone she knows. Now she must wait hand and foot on this bratty English girl.

While Cecily struggles to find her place amongst the snobby English landowners, Gwenhwyfar struggles just to survive. And outside the city walls, tensions are rising ever higher—until finally they must reach the breaking point

My Thoughts: Captivating title. Love it. And anything set a place that has monarchs grabs my attention. I don't know what my intrigue with Kings and Queens is, but this has a cool storyline. And that cover looks so strong! I cannot wait to read this. And it is coming out really soon! Yay!

P.S: Sorry for the lack of review posts lately. It is Finals week, but then Spring Break will be here! Til then, happy reading!

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