Saturday, September 22, 2012

Book Moments I Cannot Get Over

This is going to be a place where I can rant about a specific thing pertaining to a book. I'm sure there is such a meme out there somewhere, so if you know about one then let me know. Anyway, this will probably always contain major spoilers. Continue to read only if you have read the book or if knowing the plot won't impede you from reading the novel!


Series: The Gemma Doyle Trilogy

Author: Libba Bray

Goodreads: Book 1, Book 2, Book 3

Summary/Review: Gemma is an English girl, brought up in India, but she is sent to a boarding school when her mother dies. The weird thing is that Gemma forsaw her mother's death, but that is just the beginning of her new supernatural powers.

Simply put, this series is amazing. Chock full of India and England. Set in "olden" times, this story is inexplicably timeless. There are plenty of strong and unique characters, but the love interest is amazingly swoon-worthy.

Rant/Gush: This is definitely a rant. I absolutely, positively LOVED this series. I've read one other book by Libba Bray and cannot say I was impressed, but the Gemma Doyle Trilogy is something that will be hard to surpass. My problem lies with the third and final book entitled The Sweet Far Thing. Even the titles are gorgeous! Is this turning into a Gush? The moment I am still confused by, even though I read this series about two years ago, is that Kartik....ends up stuck in the tree. There is no happy end! Kartik ends up having to sacrifice his life for Gemma, but there is no happy end! I do admit to appreciating the real-ness of the situation. They were under terrible circumstances and it was clear someone was  going to suffer. But why the lead couple?! WHY?! Why didn't Felicity get thrown away instead? Why Kartik?! *breathes deeply*

There it is. I had to get it out there. Write down my emotions and that I can move on or whatever. This has become a Book Diary entry. Signing out!



  1. I know! It about killed me when that happened to Kartik. Wow, I've kind of blocked that part out but now I remember. And I loved this series so much.

    I love Libba Bray, but her last two books just did not appeal to me. But now that she has come out with The Diviners, I'm really excited that she has returned to historical fiction. I can't wait to read that one!

    1. While I feel some obligation to accept that life isn't perfect, this was just one of those couples that I really wanted to be happy!

      I read Going Bovine. It was...interesting. I barely finished it. I don't think her writing is the problem, but maybe her historical fiction is just better? Or my preferred genre? I am also super excited for The Diviners! Yay!


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