Friday, February 8, 2013

Sharing The Books I Own


So this post is just going to be a mash-up of couple of book things I wanted to share with you!

-Books I recently acquired.
-My book "shelf".
-I added more books for sale at

Favorite person in my neighborhood and possibly the entire state of Oregon? The mailman. Truly. A big thank you for those who deliver the mail and make someone's day...unless you are delivering bills. But I love getting books! It is like Christmas over and over and over again!

Guess what is in here?

Jealous? I've been waiting for this one to reach my hands since it has so much hype surrounding it. I recently finished it and it was really good! Five stars!

The next item of business is about my collection. I live in an apartment. A small one. My parents are not the most bookish supportive people out there since they say books can accumulate dust and have "weird" covers and take up too much space. Unfortunately, I have had to get rid of huge batches of my books to make room for new ones through donations to my high school library.

And guess what my friends get for their birthdays, Christmas and sometimes randomly? Books from me. That I cannot shelter anymore*tears up a little* T.T Handing out a book is never an easy process and I stopped donating to my high school library, because I didn't think that they were going to be cared for. Yes. I am attached to every single one. Even the ones I did not review because I despised them.

This is the tiny space they are allowed to inhabit. I'm sorry to all these pages full of beautiful words. One day I shall dedicate my own home to you.

I've decided to sell them instead. At least I won't feel like I am completely on the losing end. Don't worry if you are one of my close friends that lives near me. I will still be giving you books for your birthday and Christmas and sometimes for no reason at all. Mostly because I can just hand it to you instead of paying for shipping *shudders*.

Getting paid to part with my books sounds like a much better deal for me. I can then turn around and buy more books. Maybe I can finally put a dent in my atrociously long to-be-read list over at Goodreads. I'm telling my parents that the money will probably go toward my college textbooks, but we all know that Barnes & Noble will probably receive most of it! So that is my bookish post right there.

I mostly did this because I love looking at others' bookshelves, but realized I had not really shared my own. Currently, I am undergoing negotiations with my parents on finding a better place to put my books where they can shine in all their glory! Yay!


  1. Hi Isa! Long time no see! I really miss talking with you like back in the old days, haha. I sound so olddd.
    Ohmygoodness, those packages are absolutely thrilling to receive! And I've experienced the need to cleanse my bookshelves as well; selling them seem like a much more beneficial idea than giving them away!


    1. Sure has been awhile.! xD The books I won are right there too! Along with your awesomely amazing drawing of the delivery :D thanks by the way!

      I'd rather give them away on the blog, but shipping adds up quickly and I don't want to give them to random strangers on the street or something. I'm kind of mean when it come to my books!


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