Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Color of Rain

Author: Cori McCarthy

Source: Publisher

Summary: (back of book) I have always looked to the stars for answers. The vast, endless, shimmer of space, full of hope and far from the ash and smoke of Earth City. Now my little brother needs a cure. And I will do whatever it takes to find one. Even if it means selling myself.

Johnny has bought my willingness with the promise of passage on his starship. And here the color of my bracelet marks me as much as my red hair.

But Johnny does not know that I am a survivor. And Johnny does not know that his day has come.

Review: Sparing none of the harsh details, The Color of Rain is a gruesomely spun tale of a future in which humanity is a trait largely extinct. But even so, the complex gray areas of right and wrong are explored and the villains are as contradictory, just as mankind tends to be.

The writing is vivid and evokes strong emotions. Descriptive language makes it easy to picture the dreary setting in which this story takes place. Hopelessness is the main emotion driving the beginning part of this action-packed novel, but it is only hope of something better that pushes the protagonist to attempt to escape the chaos of Earth.

Her mission to save her brother leads her to make questionable decisions. Decisions that may only be right when you have run out of any other options. This is where the grayness of life itself comes in. What would any of us risk for the slim chance that salvation could come from the other end of the universe? Rain makes the decision to practically sacrifice herself for her brother. Along the way, she may find a way to also save herself.

The world-building was excellent. If there were areas that I questioned, these were placed on the back-burner as the action took over. The storyline was constantly moving and although some of the romantic chemistry was lacking, the plot kept this book solidly together from beginning to end. Although it is a difficult novel to swallow for the cruelty of its villains and the sadness of those who are the most vulnerable, this was a wonderfully told story that will make readers think for a long time after reading the last sentence.

Rating: 1 2 3 4 5

Not a five because of the lack of chemistry in between characters and also the lack of characterization of secondary characters.

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