Friday, April 24, 2009

Howl's Moving Castle

This is a movie.

Summary: Sophie is a girl who runs her late father's shop. Her mother is hardly ever around. The people are at war and it becomes dangerous to go outside by yourself, but one day, Sophie goes on an errand and bumps into Howl who is a wizard. He usually goes after pretty girls like he went after the Witch of the Waste. He left her when he saw her true and ugly self and she has been hunting him down. When she sees that he escorts Sophie, she puts a curse on Sophie making her an old lady. Sophie is the girl who can restore the dying Howl if she can liberate herself and her new partner, Howl's bond, Calcifer (who is a fire).

Fav Character: Calcifer-Uh he's a cute, funny talking fire. Of course I love him! No, he really is cool and I love the voice they chose for him. I thought it was totally him, but I haven't watched the original version which was a hit in Japan.

Review: Excellent! I beg you to watch it or atleast watch the video clip! Please? The story line comes from an older book I think and the plot was actually amazing. This is an unforgettable movie and you should watch it too! His little breakdown later on is extremely hilarious! xD
I loved ALL of the characters, even the witch. The backgrounds and animation were beautifully orchestrated and it amazed me to see how the characters interacted with each other. Some of those special relationships were Sophie with the witch and also Sophie with the errand dog.
Rating: 5/5


  1. Ohmygosh! I LOVE this movie! and the book too :D

    I just adore hayao miyasaki :D

  2. I have been meaning to watch this forever now!

  3. It's super amazing. My lil sister got me to watch it! Isn't Howl's little tantrum hilarious!

    Well watch it! NoW! :D And then tell me what you think.

  4. The book is by Diane Wynne Jones, I believe. It's like a classic.

  5. Eh. I'm not into sci-fi types of classics. I like victorian age more!

  6. According to wikipedia, it's fantasy, not science fiction. Give it a chance. :)


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