Saturday, April 25, 2009


Artist: Rise Against

Album: Appeal to Reason

Um, most of the videos are made by fans and they come from some videogame. I think. Oh well. I still love this song. My sister is the one into music like Rise Against and this song is pretty close to what I usually listen to. It is AMAZING, atleast to me. If you haven't heard it before then listen to it now. :)

This is with clips from something called Advent Children (no idea).

And this one is just lyrics.

Wow...wasn't that deep? :(
(: Don't forget to smile :)


  1. I love rise against! I really like roadside :)

    I also really love advent children :D awesome movie and video games hehe

  2. It's a movie? I like the characters' look so I might watch it now!

  3. yes it is a movie but also they're video games they're called final fantasy.

  4. I havent heard of them at all, but I don't even play videogames so... :)


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