Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Artist: Show Luo

Language: Mandarin

About: He's also known as Xiao Zhu or Mr. Pig or Alan Luo. He sings (well), dances (real swell) and hosts tv shows (smooth as a bell). Okey...

Anyway, he's pretty cool. I like him. I guess. Except when he acts like a freakin' two year old. :p I'm actually currently watching Shanghai Sweethearts and he plays the main guy. After episode 4, the rest is starting to look really, really awesome. :) Yey for t-dramas. His voice is so suave in this song! Eek! :) The lyrics are kinda playboy-ish, but he sounds so sweet and earnest. Wo shi zhen zhen zhen xi huan ni.


It's catchy, isn't it? Maybe?

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  1. Yes! Show! Except that is like one of his ugliest picture...lol XD But he looks good even when he's ugly. :)


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