Friday, October 7, 2011

Song: Bilder Mit Katze

Artist: Frittenbude

Language: German

About: Uh...I don't know anything about them, but paraphrasing Wikipedia. They are electro-punk created in 2006. Frittenbude apparently translates to Chip-Shop also. They are known mostly for remixing other songs while adding a slightly humorous and political slant to the lyrics.

I found this song when I looked up 25 Random Songs on which I was on through an I Heart Daily e-letter I suscribe to. And must admit I am addicted to the beat! It is just so chill, laid back and mindless. Can't say I know what the song is really about since I don't speak German, but I think I am going to be checking out more material by Frittenbude.


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