Monday, October 24, 2011

Tiger's Voyage

Author: Colleen Houck

Release Day: November 1st 2011

Source: Publisher

Summary: (goodreads)

Review: This is the third book in the Tiger's Curse series and my favorite so far. The line between the preparation and action of the story was in perfect balance surprising me in how much I still enjoyed the adventure which mostly occurred in the latter half.

How the author can manipulate me into feeling sympathy for Kelsey's emotional situation is beyond me. I'm positive that if it was anyone else, I'd be yelling for them to suck it up and stop being so nit-witted! But I know Kelsey and the circumstances surrounding her flawed decisions that I cannot completely blame her for her actions. Although, I would love to finally just get the ending I want NOW. :)

At 542 pages for the ARC, the fun seemed almost endless and my disappointment at having finished such a wonderful novel was unimaginable. The stories just keep getting better and more wild.

The book was long and the series is supposed to consist of five books total. Series tend not to so well after the first couple of books in my opinion, but these ones definitely are an exception. I think what makes them work so well, is that there was a tale developed from the very beginning where it was obvious that it was going to take a few books to relate the story in its entirety.

This book in particular was also broken up into invisible sections. The preparation side was not passive. There were lots of events that happened which related to the characters themselves and not dealing with the breaking of the curse. The back story developed the characters, allowed them to grow more and set the stage in reality for what was to come. Later, the adventure half was very fantastical bringing me as a reader into a different side of the story. This is the balance I am talking about.

The author grounded her characters in the real world, making them very normal and then sends them off into a magic filled journey. It made the story that much more believable and connected Kishan, Ren and Kelsey as people to their audience. The main characters are amazing. The side characters are strongly portrayed. The monsters are vivid. I just loved it. All of it. Amazing.

Give this series a try if you haven't already!

Rating: 1 2 3 4 5


  1. Great review! Makes me want to read the book. :-)

  2. Thank you for stopping by Kate. Woohoo! Then I think I have done my job. I love this series!

  3. Awesome review. Having read all 3 books so far in the series, I would have to agree with you 110%. Colleen has a way with writing, her characters and story are so vivid, you crave more.

  4. Ah so glad you agree! This series seems to be way underrated for the awesomeness it brings. :D Looking forward to more of Colleen Houck's writing!


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