Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday: 34 Pieces of You

Hello! It has been awhile since I've actively worked on my blog. My apologies. It is nearing finals week and I have yet to learn all the muscles in the human body :o  I also have a paper to write on the Korean myth of Gumiho. That is going to be serious fun, but definitely time-consuming.

But don't fret! I've been reading more than I should this past week. Many reviews to come, but it will take many ticks and tocks of the clock. In the meantime, look out for the "WoW"s because this year is full of books I absolutely cannot wait to read. This weekly meme is brought to you by Jill from BreakingTheSpine and serves the purpose of showcasing those books to be released. Here is what I am waiting for this week!

Title: 34 Pieces of You

Author: Carmen Rodrigues

Release Day: September 4th, 2012

Summary: (goodreads) There was something about Ellie... Something dangerous. Charismatic. Broken. Jake looked out for her. Sarah followed her lead. And Jess kept her distance, and kept watch.

Now Ellie’s dead, and Jake, Sarah, and Jess are left to pick up the pieces. All they have are 34 clues she left behind. 34 strips of paper hidden in a box beneath her bed. 34 secrets of a brief and painful life.
Jake, Sarah, and Jess all feel responsible for what happened to Ellie, and all three have secrets of their own. As they begin to confront the darkest truths about themselves, they will also find out what Ellie herself had been hiding all along...

My Thoughts: There is a lot of mystery in this. What happened to Ellie? What are her friends hiding? How could these four people be friends? I actually care. I actually want to know. But I do love mysteries, even if I am usually the last to figure out who the culprit is.  It also sounds like Ellie had her personal demons to fight. The summary makes me curious and I hope that I highly enjoy this one when it comes out!


  1. Wow, I hadn't heard of this one before! I love me a good mystery book so thanks for sharing!

    1. I have high expectations! Hopefully it will be as great as it promises to be :) Thanks for stopping by!


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