Saturday, June 16, 2012

Contest Alert: Nicolas and Co.

I just got an email from Kevin McGill about his book Nikolas and Company: The Merman and the Moon Forgotten. He will be giving away 1000 signed copies of his book geared toward middle and young adult readers!


Here is the e-mail below!


Take The Ride: 1000 signed copies of Kevin McGill’s Nikolas and Company will be given away on July 6th.
I explain more in the announcement video: (Also, you can watch my book go into space!)

July 6th, Aero Studios will mail 1000 free, signed copies of my book, Nikolas and Company: The Merman and The Moon Forgotten to those who get their orders in first. You don’t have to pay for the book, or shipping and handling. All you have to do is be between the ages of 10 and 17 (If you know someone between 10 and 17, feel free to order for them), and live in the US (adults can also get a free digital copy)


Oh, and you also have to LOVE crazy, fantasy adventures about a fourteen-year-old boy being chased by monsters aboard a shuttle launch, automaton legged mermen walking on land, and travelling down murky waterways deep underground…on the moon!  Don’t know what I mean? Well, here’s a little teaser video for The Merman and The Moon Forgotten:
    What do the reviewers think? Click here.


- Take The Ride
Kevin McGill

There you have it, folks! Get in your orders for all of those readers who you know will absolutely love this!

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