Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Buy Books From Me?


For 2013, it seems that my parents are finally determined to get rid of my piles of books to make room for other things. Personally, I really need to get a few of them off my hands to make room for MORE! So  I set up a shop on for the YA books that I have already grieved the loss of. I am ready to let them go.

More will be added as I stare at my collection and decide that the dusty copy of whatever is one that I will never, ever pick up and that might as well find a loving home somewhere around the US. Currently, I have The Spindlers by Lauren Oliver and my paperback of Delirium up for sale. I think that I only have regular shipping available. Anyway, take a moment to browse.

I will also have to hold a giveaway soon for maybe a couple books for one winner, so stay tuned on the blog for that! Happy Day After New Years Day and Merry Reading.

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