Thursday, January 3, 2013

Guest Post:Garden Gnomes by Wendy D. Walter

Hello Fellow Readers!

Today we have a guest here on Mixtures: Books...+ and a very interesting post. I'm a fan of gnomes. Although some may find them as scary as clowns or the like, I find that they are a comforting sign when I pass through some people's gardens. Hurray for gnomes! I hope you enjoy the post and a big thanks to Wendy for being here!

Garden Gnomes...Tchotchke Warrior Gardeners

Garden gnomes...they rank just a half step up from plastic, pink flamingos, right? I have a confession to make. I secretly love them. Yes, it’s true. Those humble garden tchotchkes, the ones which you normally associate with ladies named Lullabelle, who have too many cats and who smell as if they hadn’t made it to the bathroom in time for the past ten years—they are my favorite garden ornaments. 

Tidily Plugging the Holes in the Universe
Why? Because, they are the MacGyvers of mythical beings. They can fix anything, or at least, look knowledgeable while fumbling around with stuff. Plus, unlike fairies, who always must put on a good show (I have yet to find a way to get fairy dust out of my carpets), they go about their business quietly, without a fuss—no fire, no brimstone and no glittery theatrics.  Gnomes hunker down, and shoulder through their earth kind tasks of plugging the holes in the universe, and digging up of all the precious jewels that they can get their stubby hands on.

Grouchy but Useful
In Ambril’s Tale, the gnomes are a bit grouchy, but thankfully, they are also warrior gardeners. Their prowess in the garden comes in handy when Ambril discovers just how dangerous gardens can be after she stumbles upon her ancestral, magical home.

There are fanged geraniums to dodge, dandy-lions who haven’t been barbered in decades (what a disgrace!) and goooberous slag to be avoided at all costs. Naturally, Ambril doesn’t.  The gnomes laugh when this happens, which prompts Ambril to angrily squelch off, only to tangle with something much scarier.

Will she make it through, to the end? Actually will she make it to sunset?  Find out by reading Ambril’s Tale, Return of the Dullaith.


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