Friday, March 14, 2014

Is it Spring Break Yet?


This blog has not been updated in several months. Mostly because I haven't read anything for the last two terms. But Spring Break is coming up! I will be busy eating, sleeping, and reading novels for FUN. Things which I have not done as much (or at all as is the case with reading) as I would have liked to.

Couple of things:

-If you want to find out about some new books I am interested in reading and hopefully you will be too, request me on Goodreads or follow me on Twitter (links in sidebar) since I regularly add books to the to-read list. My free time consists of napping and ogling all the books I wish I had time to read. I also read a lot of the excerpts on Amazon and such since that is all I really have time for.

-One thing that has stood out to me about being away from my blog, is that I don't write much anymore. Writing is a skill that needs to be practiced everyday. Blogging is a great way to improve. I think that my writing quality has diminished since I am not doing it as frequently. I find it MUCH harder to write reviews or critique work now. My point? Write and read as much as you can. Even if you aren't showing your writing to anyone, you develop a sense of intuition on what looks and sounds right. Reading also helps you develop your writing skills.You need the skill to get into university or grad school, to get scholarships for school, to express your concerns on legislation or other public matters in text, to write an e-mail asking for a letter of recommendation, to BS your way through your science paper on blood pressure...all while sounding like a coherent, confident and credible person that deserves to be listened to. Yup.

It is 3am. Near the end of Dead week. Forgive me if I sound anything but coherent!

-First book I will be reading and reviewing (sometime in the next two weeks) is INK by Amanda Sun. My first impression based off the first three pages is that the main character sounds sassy. I think I will like it!

-I will likely be writing all of the Waiting on Wednesday posts I have missed out on purely because I can go through my to-read list and pick out the top books I really want to buy and/or nag people to buy for me, and also because of cover lust. Covers!

That is all. The end. I struggle with conclusions. Smh.

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