Monday, January 19, 2009

Fruits Basket Vol. 1

Author: Natsuki Takaya

Summary: Tohru Honda is an orphaned girl who thinks about everyone but herself. Her big heart has led her to live in the woods while her Grandfather's house is remodeled. On her way to school, she comes upon little figures of all twelve of the Chinese Zodiac animals in front of a house. She meets the young man who made them and his relative, Yuki. Yuki is well known at the school he attends with Tohru but he is always off by himself. They both invite her to stay at their home because they fear that something would happen to her if shes by herself. Tohru accepts not knowing the secret that those two carry with them.
Review: I love this manga because its super CUTE. Its my FAVORITE of all time and i think you should all read it!!!! Its impossible not to love Shigure's antics and Yuki's personality. Tohru brings them much needed help and friendship. The cover is really cute too. :D
Rating: 5/5

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