Monday, January 19, 2009

Smiling Pasta

Taiwanese Drama

Summary: Cheng Xiao Shi is cursed. Somebody told her that none of her relationships would last more than 3 months and none have since then. Xiao Shi's grandpa makes her a pasta called In Love For 90 years Pasta. When her boyfriend calls to meet her she finally thinks shes gonna break the curse on her 3 month anniversary with Peter. Unfortunately, he meets to break up. She is left standing at an intersection while he drives away with his new girl. Walking home proves to bring a surprise.
He Qun is a famous pop idol. His girlfriend has just left him for his estranged brother and it seems that the press has found out. He Qun is in NO mood to talk about it so he tries evading them, but as he runs down the street he smacks into a girl, falling on top of her. The press gets to thinking that the girl and He Qun are together. He Qun runs with her in hand to avoid her speaking with them. Now she is to pretend that they are engaged in order to protect He Qun's reputation. This happens to be convenient to Xiao Shi as well since she didn't want to tell her family that she was dumped again. But maybe this new fake relationship might evolve into something more or her ex will finally see the wrong he committed. Maybe Xiao Shi will finally break the evil curse.
Review: This drama was absolutely the best. Filled with the typical Taiwanese comedy, Nicholas Teo and Cyndi Wang go on a quest to deal with the past and look to the future. Xiao Shi proves to be a loyal friend, helping He Qun throughout all of the scandals pulled by the suffocating press as well as the pressure of his family. Xiao Shi's happiness next to him is felt in this cute drama. Its a must see!!
Rating: 5/5


  1. Smiling Pasta! Love It! Love Little Turle by Nicholas Teo. I have seen this drama so many times. I keep rewatching it. Everytime I hear the song I always smile.

  2. I've decided to rewatch it because it's so CUTE!! I love his voice.


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