Saturday, January 24, 2009

Millicent Min: Girl Genius

Author: Lisa Yee

Summary: Millicent Min is having a bad summer. Her fellow High School students hate her for setting the curve. Her fellow eleven-year-olds hate her for going to High School. Her grandmother Maddie is moving away. And in an effort to give Millicent a more "normal" childhood, her mom has not only signed her up for volleyball, she's also arranged to tutor Stanford Wong-jock, jerk, and poster boy for Chinese geekdom.
But when Millicent meets Emily, things start to look up. Emily doesn't know Millicent's IQ score. She actually thinks Millicent is cool. And if Millicent can hde her awards, ignore her grandmother's advice, blackmail Stanford into silence, learn to serve a volleyball over the net, stop her parents from embarrassing her forever, and keep all her lies straight, she just might make her first friend. What's it going to take? Sheer genius.

Review: This is a really good story probably geared towards younger readers, even though i also enjoyed it. The pages are filled with irony and sarcasm which gives the story an awesome atmosphere and makes it that much more fun. Millicent is a genius who seems less preoccupied with having a social life than with becoming the smartest person on earth. But everyone needs a friend so she becomes superficial in order to keep Emily's friendship but thats not how true friends are. Unfortunately, Millicent has not had previous experiences to help her through this. This story is told from Millicent's point of view.

Rating: 4/5

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