Thursday, September 24, 2009

Boys Before Flowers

Language: Korean

# of Episodes: 25

Main Characters:

Goo Jun Pyo - Lee Min Ho (the third boy next to the girl)

Geum Jan Di - Koo Hye Sun (the girl)

Summary: Jan Di's parents own a laudromat and one day, as she delivers a garment to the prestigious rich kids school, Shin Hwa. There she witnesses the terror that F4, a group of four spoiled guys, wrecks on anyone that speaks out about them. Then Jan Di is forced by her parents to attend the school on a scholarship. F4 makes her life hell and she returns the favor.

Review: Even though I already knew the storyline from watching the Taiwanese version and reading some of the Japanese manga, I was still moved to tears in some parts. Okay, the guy who played Goo Jun Pyo was super hot! *squeel* He was so convincing as an actor and really funny. Jan Di was the female lead and she was great too. Since she was so down to earth, I liked her manner of speaking, but sometimes her seriousness annoyed me. Not sure why...

The only negative thing I have to say was that the end was slightly rushed and kind of left out things. Where the heck was the mom during the end episode?! That wasn't resolved. Also, it was a long drama. I've actually only watched Taiwanese dramas, which are super short, so this one was quite lengthy for me. You'd think it would've had a better ending with all those episodes! :)

The Taiwanese version was pretty good, but I favored this one more.


Rating: 4 at the start then regressed to 3

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2. Meteor Garden (Taiwanese)


  1. I loved this show. It's the first asian drama I've ever seen. I love the main guy and the potter one.

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