Monday, November 9, 2009

Gou Ai-Enough Love

Artist: Dong Cheng Wei

Language: Mandarin

About: This is one of the songs in the Taiwanese drama the X-Family. It is the sequel to KO One I think. I haven't watched the first one yet, but I am watching the X-Family. This song is my new musical obsession which just might counter my obsession for Jiro. I love Jiro. ^.^ He's the one sitting down. I don't think this is actually a band. Jiro made it when he was a teen, but it didn't really work out. Jiro is currently in Fahrenheit which is a formal band. Dong Cheng Wei (Jiro's Band) is part of the three series-the X-Family, Ko One, and Ko3an Guo.

So we have the singer of the song who is A-Chord and then Xiu which is the guitarist. I think I like Xiu the best. Very cute! Shuai oh~.~


Very cool! Don't you think? !!!!!!!It's AMAZING!!!!!!

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