Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hush, Hush

Author: Becca Fritzpatrick

Summary: A fallen angel for her chem partner. Nora doesn't really know what to make of Patch who seems to know a lot of things about her that no one should know. Even though he seems cold and indifferent, he's also really intriguing. Sometimes a girl can't stay away from that type of guy, but does that make him "the" guy? Nora goes through the year figuring him out and figuring out whether or not to give love a chance. (I probably wouldn't make a good summary writer)

Review: ~LOVE IT~ It was really good. The very beginning was a prologue which gave some insight into the story. It was just a little itsy bit confusing. Still, it was a wonderfully described introduction. The ending didn't rush or felt cut off. It was pretty cute. And funny. :) I haven't read the alternate one, but I heard it wasn't too different.

Nora is a normal girl. I liked her because she was easy to understand since she was a lot like me. I get defensive before offensive. Her personality was realistic in most parts and her reactions fit the situations she found herself in. I saw many reviews that said she was a stronger version of Bella and I guess it is true, but the book isn't like Twilight at all in my opinion. Although I admit that many YA romances begin with a seating chart in science class. The seating chart is realistic. Perfect Chemistry is in Chemistry. Well most actual teen romances probably do begin because two people have classes together, so I understand that scenario.

Patch: He is bad, but nice deep down. Before I read the book, I liked the cover. Afterwards, the cover still made sense, but the guy on the front doesn't remind me of Patch at all really. And I wanted to know Patch's real name. Good thing there is a sequel.

This isn't exactly a relationship book. That is pretty much center stage, but there is more. I think that is unique and steps away from Twilight. There are other main characters which appear almost as much as Nora and Patch. Vee is annoying, but she wasn't way out there. I know people like her. All the characters had distinct traits and I could picture them well enough. Although I loved Patch, he was slightly out of my reach. I didn't understand him very well and felt he was slightly 2-d. The mystery surounding him, clouded him up again. I'm sure the author is saving him for the sequel which I look forward to reading.

Read it. I don't think it'll be a waste because the writing is good. If you decide you don't like it, it'll probably be because you aren't too much into paranormal or you absolutely hated one of the characters. But remember that having a strong reaction to characters is proof of good writing. :) Unless the main character is completely stupid and fake. That doesn't happen here though.

I don't know about the title though. I love it, but it doesn't really seem to fit the story...?

Rating: 1 2 3 4 4.5 5

(not a five because it left me wanting more. That can happen when books aren't stand alone)


  1. Sounds great! I've been wanting to read this book for a while now.

  2. I hope you love it too when you finally get around to it! :)

  3. I have this book but haven't read it yet. It sounds great! Nice review :)

  4. I think this is my longest review yet! I'm pretty happy with myself on it. Thanks for agreeing with me. :D


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