Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Leng Zhan

(I think that's the name, meaning Cold War)

Artist: Huang Yida!

Language: Mando

About: I love Huang Yida's voice. This song's mv isn't all that interesting, but if you like his voice then I guess it can be slightly mesmerizing. He also sang Chou Nan Ren for the t-drama Devil Beside You which I loved a lot. Both the drama and the song. :) Listen to it if you have a moment and tell me whether you agree or not that his voice is very enthralling. ^.^



  1. Never heard of him before, but his voice does sound nice.

  2. Love Yida...except he has the cutest little baby face it just seems weird that he sings the way he does

  3. Yeah. That is so true! I can't believe he's like 30. He looks like a seventeen year old at the most. -.-


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