Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Green Witch

Author: Alice Hoffman

Summary: What is loss?The echo that surrounds the word gone.
What is love?The deepest of your heart’s desires.
Green lives every day with feelings of loss. Her family is gone, the boy she loves is missing, and the world she once knew is transformed by tragedy. In order to rediscover the truth about love, hope, and magic, she must venture away from her home, collecting the stories of a group of women who have been branded as witches because of their mysterious powers. Only through their stories will Green find her heart’s desire.

Review: I can't get over the way this author writes! It is captivating and very dream-like. The entire time, it is like floating through the main character's memories and reliving them from the outside. It's slow, but relaxing and subtle. Loved this book.

The dialogue, instead of being within quotation marks, is actually italicized so it is read as if it were a thought exchange between the characters. You don't hear a distinct voice or conversation, but more poetry like and I'm not even a big fan of poetry or verse writing. I just like this. The book was short too, so it adds to the relaxation factor. Things are happening and there is a good plot to follow, but it is all like through the main character's mind and emotional. I hope I've been able to somewhat describe it! :)

Rating: 1 2 3 4 5

This is the sequel to Green Angel, but can be read alone.

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