Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Artist: F.Cuz (pronounced "Focus")

Language: Korean/English

About: F.Cuz has four members. Jin On is the leader. The others are Kan, LeeU and Ye Jun. They debuted in South Korean on the 8th of January of this year with the song "Jiggy" which is a wonderfully catchy song. F.Cuz has already started to branch out into international music scenes. They signed a contract with the label Taiwan Seed and made a Chinese version of "Jiggy" which is just as good as the original. Hopefully, F.Cuz can manage to come out with more great songs and keep their fans eyes' on them.
MV: (This is the first version)

MV: (Dance Version and more mature)

MV: (Chinese Version featuring Yao Yao)

My favorite is the first version, but they look better in the Dance and Chinese ones. Yao Yao is pretty cute in it but I don't like her voice because she isn't even singing but still a good MV. Her dancing would be greatly improved if she wasn't wearing heels and a dress. What the heck. By the way, I don't own anything and the subs belong to the videos respective owners.

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