Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Truth About Forever

Author: Sarah Dessen

Summary: (author site) Macy's summer stretches before her, carefully planned and outlined. She will spend her days sitting at the library information desk. She will spend her evenings studying for the SATs. Spare time will be used to help her obsessive mother prepare for the big opening of the townhouse section of her luxury development. But Macy's plans don't anticipate a surprising and chaotic job with Wish Catering, a motley crew of new friends, or ... Wes. Tattooed, artistic, anything-but-expected Wes. He doesn't fit Macy's life at all--so why does she feel so comfortable with him? So ... happy? What is it about him that makes her let down her guard and finally talk about how much she misses her father, who died before her eyes the year before? Sarah Dessen delivers a page-turning novel that carries readers on a roller coaster of denial, grief, comfort, and love as we watch a broken but resilient girl pick up the pieces of her life and fit them back together.

Review: This was an amazing book as is expected of Sarah Dessen. I loved it! The title fit the story so well and tied everything into a nice fancy package which surprised me. It made sense! :)

Wes is of course awesome and my latest literary crush. In the plot, Wes is very important, and I liked how things turned out. The way that the characters interacted was special to only them. It was kind of like the Gotcha! game was special to Wes and Bert. These details give each person personality and lend them credibility. Although the plot was a tad bit slow, it was consistent and properly paced.

The development of the relationship between Macy and Wes was perfect. There were times when they didn't see each other at all and talking wasn't always effortless. They didn't just fall into each others arms which seems to happen a lot in YA making the characters feel unrealistic. Wes and Macy happened like they do in real life.

Jason sounds perfect. And annoying. I was surprised that he softened, if only the tiniest bit, his attitude toward Macy, but I'm surprised that they became a couple in the first place since Jason is so aloof and inhuman practically. I like the story.

Macy was rich, as you could tell from her house and the stuff she owned, but that was never said in the story. Her wealth wasn't the point of the story and the detail only added to the characterization of Macy and creating her as a unique person in the story.

I have to say that Bert was probably my favorite character out of the bunch because his seriousness, paranoi about Armageddon where endearing. Aren't I strange? :)

If you pick it up, I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did. I couldn't put it down and would have read it in one sitting if my mom hadn't been using her you're-in-very-big-trouble voice when she told me to leave the book and go to bed. :)

Rating: 1 2 3 4 4.5 5


  1. AMAZING! I love this book! I could really relate to Macy and I loved that she found happiness at the end.

  2. I loved this book! It was a cute romance while maintainning a sort of saddness for the main characters loss of her father. Are they going to end up together? It will leave readers cheering the characters on while their emotion path intertwines.

    1. I know! It had so much reality to it and Wes was awesome and...yes. It was awesome :)


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