Friday, April 1, 2011

Contest Alert!

So I was on TheStorySiren's site and saw that six authors are holding a big contest for an iTouch. This is directly from Kristi's post:

"Here's how it works:
  • Starting on April 4th a new author will be featured on the iClue Site each week.
  • The author will post their mystery on the site on Monday.
  • On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we will post links to The Reading Room and two book bloggers who will be posting a special clue to help you solve the mystery.
  • Once you've solved the mystery you send us the correct solution using a form on the website.
  • If you enter the correct solution you get one entry into the contest.
  • Solve all 6 mysteries you get 6 entries to win the iTouch."
I hope you help spread the book as well so that this is a successful event :) Here is the banner linked that was made for this event. It's cute!

Good luck and have fun!

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