Monday, November 21, 2011

Five Flavors of Dumb

Author: Antony John

Source: Library

Summary: (inside cover) Eighteen-year-old Piper has gotten herself into a mess. Because of her big mouth, she has one month to get a paying gig for her high school's hottest new rock band, called Dumb. In Piper's mind, the band couldn't have a more perfect name. Just look at the members: one egomaniacal pretty boy, one silent rocker, one talentless piece of eye-candy, one angry girl, and one nerd-boy drummer--five discordant personalities who, when put together, seem ready to self-destruct at any moment. Getting them an actual gig seems impossible. Add to that fact that Piper doesn't know if their music is good or not, because well, she's deaf.

But Piper is determined to get the band a gig to show her classmates that being deaf doesn't mean she's invisible. And as she gets to know the five flavors of Dumb, some hidden talents, secret crushes, and crazy rock music emerge. She doesn't need to hear the music to sell it, but Piper wants the chance to feel the music too.Does she have what it takes to manage Dumb and discover her own inner rock star?

Review: Reading books from a deaf person's point of view have been unique experiences. Although I haven't read many (two total), this book just seems to be so wonderful! It is about music. It is about discovering hidden talents. It is about bonding with the unlikeliest of people. And is in executed in a fast-paced, quirky story.

Piper is definitely a great character. I loved her voice and sarcastic remarks. The dialogue gave me a good idea of Piper's personality. Her growth as a person is realistic and the ending was awesome! Although she is strong, her flaws are very human. I loved reading about her deafness and how that made her feel. The interactions with her baby sister, her bouncy brother, her parents and the band members all provide insight into that aspect of the story. But it isn't the bulk of it. I think this book centers more on self-discovery than on being deaf. The vessel is just a super unique backdrop.

The story progresses really quickly. There isn't a slow moment and it builds up to the show which was detailed and very vivid. I liked that the love interest was not completely obvious from the very beginning and the development is gradual being very sweet and cute and just awesome. There were some things that I was not expecting from this book. The villain turns out to be someone kind of unexpected, so that kept this fresh and interesting.

The side characters were good. I know Piper and Flinn really well. Piper's dad is familiar by the end of book as is Ed from the band. The other members though were really hazy and flat for me though. Even though I really liked this book, they play a big role, but I just didn't connect, so that is why this isn't a 5 for me.

It is highly recommended if you are looking for something different, or something fun that will leave you with a warm, fuzzy feeling.

Rating: 1 2 3 4 4.5 5


  1. I loved this book. It was such a fun book to read and I just really liked the main character. She's so cool! Great review.

  2. Thanks so much for the lovely (and thorough) review, Isa. I really appreciate it!

  3. Thanks to you both for commenting!

    I hope more people get to enjoy the awesomeness that is Piper's story. This is one of the most memorable reads for me. Yay!


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