Friday, November 11, 2011

Mini-drama Reviews

I haven't reviewed or updated on dramas I've watched mostly because I finish one and then immediately start another one to rid myself of that empty zombie feeling you get when you finish reading a book or watching a super awesome show.

Since I have watched a plethora of them since my last post, I'll list the ones of watched and provide a mini-review for my most favorite ones while loosely rating them all on a scale of 5.

Korean Dramas are (k)
Taiwanese Dramas are in (t)
Japanese Dramas are in (j)

1. Secret Garden 5 (k)

Episodes: 20

Typical tale of rich guy falling for a working girl...except for a lot of things. While on a hike in the woods, the two main leads come across a weird establishment, drink something they were given by the patron and end up switching bodies when it rains. The girl is a stunt woman, so it is hilarious when the switch happens. This is an amazing drama and Hyun Bin is a wonderful main male lead. If you like Korean dramas then you
must watch this one.

2. Mary Stayed Out All Night 4 (k)
3. Playful Kiss 5 (k)
4. My Princess 5 (k)

Episodes: 16

A college student, Lee Seol, has a massive crush on her history professor. He in turn is still fostering feelings for the curator of the Royal history museum. And that curator takes for granted that she is to marry Park Hae Young. Park Hae Young is the grandson of the man that was friends with Lee Seol's deceased father. Her dad happened to be the runaway prince and Park Hae Young's grandfather vows to bring back the Royal Family. Park Hae Young is put in charge of making Lee Seol into the people's princess, but falling in love with her can put the restitution of the Royal Family into danger because of public opinion and a conflict of interests.

I wasn't really expecting to love this drama because there was going to be lots of politics and lessons on the Korean royals and such. But no. Lee Seol is hilarious and with a guy like Park Hae Young, it is hard not to keep watching. The romance really takes center stage and develops wonderfully.

5. Paradise Ranch 5 (k)
6. Sunny Happiness 4 (t)
7. Can You Hear My Heart? 4 (k)
8. Lie To Me 4 (k)
9. Heartstrings 4 (k)
10. Goong 3 (k)
11. Ouran High School Host Club 3 (j)
12. City Hunter 5 (k)

Episodes: 20

THIS may be my new all-time favorite drama, possibly even surpassing Secret Garden. The two leads were dating in real life, so that could be an explanation of why they had such unbelievable chemistry.

The story line is about a man that grows up in the Triangle of Thailand training to take revenge for soldiers killed by their own nation. The reason for that betrayal is to cover up a secret mission in North Korea in order to keep a good image internationally and the five authorities involved to protect their positions. Only one of the 21 soldiers sent survives and he takes the son of his best friend that died in the mission to hunt down the five. Their means of achieving their purpose differ.

This drama is actually based on a book by Tsukasa Hojo.

I'm not a huge action fan preferring rom-coms to blood and melo-dramas. City Hunter is mind-blowing though! Doesn't hurt that Lee Min Ho is the lead. The way the drama starts is powerful and action-packed. There aren't any lulls in the evolution of the story and all of the characters are strongly portrayed. The female lead is a kick-ass government bodyguard! Love. Love. Love!

13. Protect the Boss 4 (k)

Episodes: 18

As the son of a Chaebol family, Cha Ji Heon is expected to take over the family business while competing with his ambitious cousin. Unfortunately, Cha Ji Heon has agoraphobia, so he in misunderstood as incompetent. But then he finds a secretary that changes his perspective on life. No Eun Sol is from the working class, but her enthusiastic perseverance lands her that awesome job, except it may be too difficult to keep when her boss and his cousin both fall for her.

You can't hate any of the characters even if there are supposed to be many villains. You will end up liking all of them and especially the Cha Ji Heon's childish relationship with his cousin. Really funny!

14. The Greatest Love 4 (k)

I keep a notebook of the dramas I watch in case I want to re-watch something, but can't remember the name off the top of my head. They are in chronological order with no. 14 as the most recent drama I watched. Hope you find something new to watch! Make a wish its 11/11/11 today hahaha.


  1. :O yay! I found someone else who likes K-dramas! I definitely agree with you about City Hunter. I don't like action shows, but I LOVED City Hunter.

  2. Woohoo! K-drama addicts unite! Lol. City Hunter was so amazing. I was very reluctant about starting it, but wow. Blew me away. Grr...I color coded them, but it doesn't show up! Blogger!

  3. Hehehe. I managed to get my sister addicted to Kdramas and I'm all for spreading the word of their awesomeness.


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