Sunday, February 15, 2009

Chain Mail: Addicted To You

Author: Hiroshi Ishizaki (209 pgs.) TOKYOPOP published.

Summary: (back cover) Four disillusioned Tokyo teenagers who have never met are suddenly drawn together by a mysterious chain mail message sent to their cell phones. In the tradition of classical Japanese tanka poetry, each teen takes on a role in the intriguing and absorbing narrative: the schoolgirl stalked by an older boy; her mysterious stalker; the schoolgirl's boyfriend; and the female detective. Written from each character's point of view, Chain Mail carries you on a suspenseful adventure juxtaposing teenage angst against a colorful Tokyo backdrop in an unforgettable tale that blurs the boundaries between reality and fantasy.

Review: The part of role-playing really drew me in since I had previously thought about participating in such activity. I liked that each chapter is from a different point of view because it allows you to get to now some of the other characters deeper. I honestly did not expect the ending at ALL. The beginning was a little rough and kind of hard to really get into, but by the second chapter everything was rollin'. It was pretty suspenseful just like it says and it weaved a lot of Tokyo's culture into the story. I was a little bothered by the inconsistency of point of view, but I know that it would have defeated the purpose of the story if it had been more routine. I really liked this story and I hope I've slightly convinced you to read it as well!

Rating: 4/5

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