Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lovely Complex

Information: This is the anime version of the manga. Some great reviews for the manga can be found by Wdebo and Diana! Its also known as Love Complex, and Love Com.



Risa Koizumi: Tallest girl in her class. She is determined to find a boyfriend who is taller than her. She is confident and can be really stubborn at times!

Atsushi Ootani: The shortest guy in class. He hopes to find a girl who will accept him as he is. He is pretty funny, sarcastic and overall has a cheery disposition.

They both start helping each other out when Ootani admits to liking Koizumi's friend and Koizumi falls for Ootani's friend. After a while, they see that their plans aren't working out, but they are still determined to find someone for them. At the end of the first episode, both characters challenge each other to find a boyfriend or girlfriend faster than the other. Sounds pretty exciting don't you think?

Lovely Complex: Episode 1 (english subbed)

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