Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pearl Pink Vol. 1

Author: Meca Tanaka (186 pgs)

Summary: Tamako Momono is 13 when she is finally reunited with her mom and also her 10 year crush, Kanji Inui. Unfortunately, her mom's new job as an Idol is based on Innocence and Purity. Having had Tamako when she was a teen, her whole career could tumble if exposed so Tamako goes to live with her mom's boss which also happens to be Kanji's dad! Tamako is a strong girl because of Kanji and a promise he had made her 10 years before. Will Kanji remember and keep his word? Will Tamako's insistence convince Kanji to be with her? PLEASE read Pearl Pink to find out, and I promise that you will fall in love with this super great manga!

Review: My friend had been telling me to read this since forever, but I didn't really know if I would like it since I've only read a couple other Manga. Trust me when I say that this story is REALLY cute!! I absolutely love Tamako's strong but girlish character as well as Kanji's calm disposition. Its a classic case of crazy parents when it comes to Kanji's dad and Tamako's mom which makes all the better! The cover is also really pretty and I love her tiny pet! The only thing weird about it was that Kanji seemed too calm for a guy whose being confessed to by a girl he doesn't even really know. Anyway, its really a great book!

Rating: 5/5


  1. See I told you it was amazing! You have to read all four! (Im still waiting on the fourth one)

  2. Yeah I'm really excited for the next ones!!!


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