Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Artist: Beast aka B2st

Language: Mostly Korean

Songs Featured: Bad Girl and Mystery

About: This is a new Korean boy band that just debuted with this song "Bad Gilr" I think. I don't really like their style in it, though. I'm really into the slightly technoish sound right now. :D They kind of look like girls in the mv. They should get a different wardrobe person. :) The next song is Mystery and that has been on the Kpop singles chart for a while now in the top twenty. Love this song. Very awesome and catchy!

Bad Girl MV:

Mystery. (no mv yet?) They look slightly better in live version. This vid also has the English translation and the romanized lyrics! :)

:) I had to resize the vids so if it looks a bit off then you know why. (:

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