Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Joy Luck Club

Author: Amy Tan

Summary: The story has seven narrators. Daughters of Chinese women and then also the mothers themselves share their individual stories and their lives together with each other.

Review: A modern classic. Easy to follow and short to read. I loved it. Definately very close to topping my list of my favorite books ever. Everyone should read it, especially daughters. It was so well told and had sufficient figurative language to make it fantastical, that I only have one objection.

The chapters are all in first person, but because they alternate a lot, it gets difficult to figure out who's who and what that who's story is. You might need to make a little chart, so it is easier to understand. lol. I hope that if you've read it, you liked it and if you haven't then you will. Thanks! Have a super duper awesome day people! I only have this week left before spring break. Help me get through the torturous hours of school and homework.

Why do teachers insist on cramming students with as much stuff as they can right before break and then giving us a test on it the monday we get back when we don't even remember what we ate last night!? Sorry. That's it for my rant....for today....muahahaha.

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