Sunday, March 14, 2010

Forget-Her-Nots Blog Tour Stop! :)

Hi everyone! I'm really psyched about being able to take part in my first blog tour and for such an awesome book! So, I have an interview with the very nice Amy Brecount White in celebration of her book, Forget-Her-Nots!

First though, I would like to gift you all with...

a bouquet of Gardenias (cape jasmine kind)

What does this flower represent? It is all about happiness. "I am too happy" is what it would say if it could. :) I got it from Amy's Language of Flowers page so check it out for more flowers and their meanings. I love it! Do you know that if you gather all seven flowers for this week and post them in the proper spot on Amy's site then you can enter to win some fabulous prizes? Well you officially know now, so go check out the other blogs for the week! HERE you can find information on the contest and the links to other tour spots. And now for the interview....

1. Well, since your book, Forget-Her-Nots, is about flower power, did you draw from your own knowledge on this subject, or did you have to research?
Both. Growing up I had a neighbor who grew different and lovely plants like bleeding hearts. My mom also loves to garden, so I inherited that from her, too. I also had to observe a lot, because the timeline of the plot had to be in sync with flower bloom times. Certain flowers only bloom a few weeks out of the year, which made it tricky. And I read about 20 books and articles on the language of flowers.

2. What are you most afraid of? (I think I have a phobia concerning bugs)
Heights. I want to jump. Really. It's VEEERY scary.

3. How long did it take you to make up the names of your characters? Did you use the names of people you know?
Lots of my characters have floral names -- Laurel, Rose, Iris, Lily -- which is part of the novel's lore and great fun. I would never name a character after anyone I knew -- too confusing and they might not like their fictionalized self!

4. What book are you currently reading?
A Most Improper Magick: The Unladylike Adventures of Kat Stephenson by the awesome fellow Tenner Stephanie Burgis. Just started, but I love it so far!

5. What's your favorite YA book?
I'll have to list two: Graceling by Kristin Cashore and The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak.

6. How long did it take you to write Forget-Her-Nots?
Eight years from start to published. I know -- yikes! I was also writing articles for newspapers and magazines and working on other novels, but it was a longer, rockier journey that I anticipated.

7. Want to share a couple of random facts about yourself with us?
I'm a chocoholic, but I'm allergic to nuts and peanuts, which makes it frustrating sometimes. I adore snorkling coral reefs and looking at all the lovely fish, so I really hope we don't destroy them. Today, my favorite word is ephemeral.

8. Do you want to add anything? :)
Flowers are truly magical!


And there you have it! The week is up? Make sure to enter the week's flowers at Amy's site. There will be four winners. On my sidebar you will find the blog tour banner (although it's a little cut off. Hehe. :D

(: Have an awesome day guys! :)


  1. Great interview. I am so afraid of heights too!

  2. Great interview. Beautiful and meaningful flower choice. Thanks!!

  3. great interview and flower. OMG! im allergic to nuts and peanuts too, atleast i have something in common with Amy :) though its not a fun one either.. lol! Being in australia, i dont know if you have nutella but i used to love that on sandwiches, and now i cant have one. :( lol! i've been allergic for 9 years, so thats 9 years without a nutella sandwich! lol

  4. Eight years, wow! I am not sure if I'm the kind who is patient enough to wait that long. Congratulation to you, Amy!

  5. Great interview! I hadn't heard of A Most Improper Magick, so I'm glad Amy mentioned she was reading it. It looks really fun, and I'm definitely going to have to pick it up. Congrats to Amy on the release of her book

  6. Awesome interview! Can't wait to read this.

  7. Wow guys! Thanks for all the comments! I hope you pick up Amy's book and love it. :)


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