Monday, March 22, 2010

The Perfect Girl Evolution

Language: Japanese (drama)

# of Episodes: 10 (so little)

Summary: Sunako Nakahara is a horror girl. After a guy she liked in highschool called her ugly, Sunako became very gothic and surrounded herself with creepy things. Her aunt, concerned for her, asks 4 gorgeous guys who are boarding at her boarding house to make Sunako into a lady. If they do, then their rent will be free until they graduate college.

Kyohei really doesn't have money. It is difficult for him to keep a job because of his looks. He is always followed by hordes of girls and even his bosses sexually harass him! He is very willing to make Sunako into a lady, except that he didn't know she was a creeper when he accepted.

Takenaga is supposed to take over the family business, but wishes to lead a somewhat independent life. Yuki is made fun of because he kind of looks like a girl. Ranmaru is a very suave player, but his parents have a girl in mind for him to marry. Now that all five of them are living together, how are they going to make Sunako's complex about her looks go away so that she can become a lady?!

Review: OMG! I watched the anime for this and fell in love with it. I'm so sad that this live action drama is over already! How can it be!? There were only ten episodes, but each one was awesome. The ending of the anime was kinda lame, but this drama ended PERFECTLY! Gah! ^.^ It is funny and sweet and just all around awesome! The actors were perfect. Some people think that the actor for Takenaga was the most handsome instead of Kyohei. Kyohei is actually suppossed to be the beautifulest according to the anime and drama. Although Takenaga might be very cute, I thought he was also the best in the anime, but KYOHEI is my favorite. He's awesomeness!!! Very funny and so cute! Ha. I sound like a crazed fangirl. I really do love this drama though! Laughed a lot and I cried in some parts too. T.T poor kyohei.


Kamenashi Kazuya as Kyohei: He is part of the band KAT-TUN and a very good actor. lovely! xD

Oomasa Aya as Sunako-Chan

You can watch it on and also on YouTube both with English subtitles.

Hey guys, did you like my summary? :)

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