Monday, June 8, 2009

Who Made You A Princess?

Author: Shelley Adina

Publisher: Hachette Group
Favorite Character: None :( Couldn't connect to any of them
Summary: Shani met someone during the summer break with her friends. His name: Danyel Johnstone. Things get complicated when she's singled out by the new exchange student. Yeah. He had to be a prince.
Rashid is getting to Shani, but what will she choose? To be princess to a guy she doesn't know she even likes while Danyel still figures that Shani and him are on to something?
Unfortunately, her parents ain't got her back. After all, this Rashid isn't a coincidence and they put it simple as to what can happen if she doesn't agree to it. Shani might just realize that she needs little more than Divine Intervention.

Review: Really drama-filled, but all that sparkle made the book. The writing was again really effortless and again the author came up with a different character. In this one, though, I couldn't connect to any of the other characters. It was like Shani Hanna was too self-absorbed to even come close to understanding others. Her principles were too screwed and her fight with religion was really conflicting. She hung out with all-christians yet she wasn't into any of the religion part. And sometimes she'd get mad 'cause her friends would say something about it!

Rating: 3/5

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