Tuesday, October 20, 2009

13 Little Blue Envelopes

Author: Maureen Johnson

Summary: Inside 13 blue envelopes, Ginny finds a ticket to Europe and extreme adventure, but she's not that type of girl. The kind who will do things on an impulse or step out of her comfort zone. Still, wouldn't you go if you could?

Review: I STRONGLY DISLIKE the cover! The girl on the front of it looks nothing like how Ginny was described! Ok that was my opinion on that.

The book would've been much more fun if a random person had given her the envelopes, but it was her crazy Aunt instead. Oh well. It was still really good. The plot line flowed. One event lead straight to another. It wasn't like it was all random even though she did and went to a lot of weird places and things.

Everything made sense. The characters weren't extremely deep. Ginny seemed like nice enough of a person, but it's not like she was a character you can really relate too. The guy she meets in London was pretty normal. Nothing, other than he writes plays, really stood out. It wasn't like I was in love with him like other characters. I liked Richard more than him. But what appealed was that they were all really normal. Instead of making some unrealistic blah, it was real. It could really happen, even though some of it might be slightly far-fetched, but with a crazy Aunt like Peg, I'm sure that it could happen.

The writing was smooth. There wasn't that much imagery. I could have used a little more description about the characters and some of the places she visited, but it wasn't bad. At least the author didn't like inundate me imagery. I'd say everything about this book was pretty much average.

What made it special, was the traveling and also the fact that it had humor. I felt that it was funny, ironic and interesting throughout the book. It didn't have slow or rough parts.

The ending was really realistic. That's what would happen in real life and I'm glad that the author ended it like that and not all wishy-washy. I guess I'd say you should read it, but there really are a lot of better books out there and there just might not be enough time to get around to the slightly above average. :)

Rating: 3.5 / 5

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