Monday, October 26, 2009

I Hope

Band: FT Island (love 'em)

Language: Korean

About: Ft Island members are really cute and in their teens. Despite their youth, they have really good vocals. Very powerful. I love them. I love Hongki, the main one, when his hair is a normal color, but seunghyun, the guy in the white hat, is really cute all the time. ^.^ So the song is called I Hope and it is about how even though the girl breaks up with him, he will always only think of her. Or something like that. According to somebody else cuz I'm not Korean so Idk. Has anyone else noticed that a lot of Korean mv's are in front of a jury at some contest? :)

I Hope:

Here is another song called Sarangalhee (i think) They show a lot of vocal power in this one.

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