Friday, October 30, 2009


:) Yep. I got an award from Choco from In Which A Girl Reads. I was oh so very happy!
Thank You! :)

-Rules For The Award-
1. accept the award on your blog with the name and link of the blog that nominated you
3. Pass it on to 15 newly discovered blogs and tell 'em that they were chosen!

My list:
1. Anastasia Hopcus
2. Blacksnow from Area 51.1 (somehow I doubt he'll participate)
3. Paradox from Paradoxical
4. Kelli from OMG!Books
5. Eli from The Tainted Poet
6. Danni from Romantic Harbor
7. The YA Book Geek

....and I can't think of any recently discovered blogs... :( hehe


What did you think? :D