Monday, October 5, 2009


At least watch from 2:10 to 2:14. So FUNNY! lol
(if u rely dont wanna c it all)

Title: Super Girl

Band: Super Junior (lol)

Language: CHINESE (not Korean 4 some weird reason)

About: I was actually looking for SuperMan by Nese when I came across this mv. I've listened to one other song by SuperJunior called Sorry, Sorry. This one was a billion times better though! So hot! 0.0 yeah.......

Anyways, I thought that this group was Korean. Why are they singing in ChInEsE? So confusing. Just listen to it and tell me what you think pretty please people! :D

They have like 13 members in all. Thats a lot.



1. Leetuk :)
2. Heechul
3. Han Geng (he's chinese)
4. Ye Sung
5. Kangin
6. Shindong
7. Sungmin
8. EunHyuk
9. Donghae
10. Siwon :)
11. Ryeowook :)
12. Kibum
13. Kyuhyun

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