Monday, October 12, 2009

Animal Farm

Author: George Orwell

Favorite Character: Boxer-who wouldn't love such a hard-working and naive and wonderful horse who does his best and more in everything. My heart practically broke when he actually died.

Summary; Animals on Manor Farm are sick of toiling the earth for the sole benefit humans. They overthrow Mr. Jones and set out to rule themselves. Things get sticky with their new leaders though.

Review: 155 pages long and it is on the AP list. That is pretty short for even a normal book. I loved the story and it is definately deserving of its place in the academic world.

I'm suppossed to be doing a book report on it (grr), but I wanted to review it first.

Anyway, George Orwell is a recognized author in amazing literary and thought-provoking works. You should probably also read 1984 which I should probably read too. My friend thought it was great, so yeah.

Animal Farm is written in third person omniscient, I think, which means that the entire tone is neutral and objective. There really seems to be an extremely little amount of bias. It has a few pictures which were pretty nice since it gave me a break to think about what I read over.

The animal hierarchy works like a government does. The book compared the situation in the story with Communism in the world which was especially active at that time period. Even though it was written to make readers dislike Communism, it wasn't really a pushy sort of sermon. As I said, it wasn't bias, but it seemed to clearly point out the facts. I'm not sure if I'm making sense now.

Just read it. It'll take you like two hours at the max and you'll have made yourself 155 pages more intelligent in social issues. Maybe. I'm not guaranteeing that. :)

Rated: 5 of 5

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