Monday, November 29, 2010

Author Interview: H. A. Goodman

Hi everyone! H. A. Goodman is joining us today for an interview and I'd also like to ask you readers to look for my upcoming review of this author's book titled Logic of Demons.

1. How much time did it take you to research demons (if you did any research)?

When writing Logic of Demons, I wanted to give readers the opportunity to think about broad themes pertaining to good, evil, and how actions speak louder than words. Time travel always intrigued me, so I decided to have Devin, Natalia, Nadine, and other characters in my novel learn valuable lessons from historical events first hand.

In Logic of Demons, characters travel through time and space and are transported into the Rwandan Genocide, the Iran-Iraq War, and other dark chapters of human history. In addition, issues like human trafficking and even teen bullying are also talked about. Overall, I spent many months researching these issues. Much of the novel is also based on my prior knowledge of these events from my studies at USC, personal experience (being bullied by older kids when I was young, for example) and just reading magazines like the Economist, Time, and Foreign Policy.

2. What gave you the idea to write about demons?

I used to know people who actually believed that demons and angels fly around us, and that these mystical creatures actually have the ability to affect our decisions. When I observed how some of these brainwashed people behaved, I realized very quickly that “demons” and “angels” are sometimes just excuses for human beings to act a certain way. To some people, a “demon” will be the cause of negative behavior like violence, gossip, or hurting someone you love. But, in reality, it’s the person you see when looking into a mirror who decides what actions you take. Every human being has the capacity to do tremendous good and help others, or untold evil. It’s difficult sometimes, but the choice is always our own, not some made up “ghost,” “goblin,” or “demon.”

I wanted to write a novel that gives people the ability to see the consequences of their actions on a global scale, which is why Logic of Demons references several historical events.

3. Team Unicorn? Or Team Zombie? (I myself am rooting for unicorns)

This is an interesting and thought provoking debate. Unicorns are undoubtedly beautiful, ethereal, and storied creatures. But, I never understood what kind of powers they possess, aside from being the embodiment of goodness. What do they do that’s cool? I’m must admit, I’m ignorant as to the magical abilities of unicorns.

This is why I’d have to say Team Zombie. I’m not entirely into Zombies, but I would probably root more for them than unicorns. Although I would rather be standing closer to a unicorn than a zombie, for some reason I must lean towards Team Zombie. Maybe it’s the 80’s horror movies I grew up.

4. What is your favorite fruit (or veggie if you don't like fruit)?


5. What do you wish you'd get asked more often in an interview?

Well, this is technically my third interview. So, first off, I’m honored that you’d ask me anything at all. I guess I don’t have a question in mind, I’m just happy that readers seem to like Logic of Demons and I have the privilege to speak about the novel.

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  1. It does, doesn't it? I still haven't gotten to it on my tbr pile, but hopefully I'll be able to provide a review sometime soon! :)


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